Stamp Family Farms Media Gallery

AT STAMP FAMILY FARMS We truly love our family and our farming. We are happy to share some of our memories with you. Please, take a few minutes to look around our photo gallery and see what is going on in our lives!

Mike and Luke picking up a couple trucks in Ft. Worth, TX

Pioneer Seed-John Deere High Speed Plot at Stamp Family Farms

Fishing at the family pond for Mother’s Day!

God Bless America!

These views never get old!

Family Trip to Moline: Left to Right-Luke, Kurt, Mike, Calley.

Mike snapped this beautiful sunset!

Kurt taking a timeout to crunch some numbers.

Corn emergence at Grandma’s in Persia, IA.

Scouting fields in Montgomery County.

Scouting Fields in Harrison County.

Scouting fields in Pottawattamie County.

Gracie and Madelyn’s 1st agronomy lesson!

Poor Man’s Aerial Imagery

Hail Storm in Pottawattamie County.

The new 12 Row Folding Corn Head!

Time to take flight!

What an amazing plant!

Kurt’s got a co-pilot today!

Gracie and Madelyn: Future Farm Girls

Gracie loves riding in the tractor with her Grandma Caroline!

Assessing hail damage.

Corn Rootworm Monitoring. Prepping for 2017!

Picking Corn on TBARES. Close to having harvest wrapped up!

Ladies and Gentlemen he does know how to get out of the combine!

Madelyn’s first tractor ride!

Mike rocking the vintage Pioneer hat! “Better Genes-More Beans”

Grandma Caroline and Gracie taking a round in the tractor.

Emptying out bins. Making room for this fall.

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