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Stamp Family Farms is owned and operated by Kurt and Caroline Stamp. Kurt graduated from Iowa State University in 1980 with a degree in Ag Business. He was employed in the seed business as a District Sales Manager for Pioneer Hi-Bred for 18 years and Monsanto for 10 years.

Stamp Family Farms currently farms 2,800+ acres across Southwest Iowa with a crop rotation consisting of corn and soybeans with no-till and vertical tillage practices. Stamp Family Farms strives to keep all of our farm ground in top shape. We focus on tiling and terracing to maximize efficiency, quality, and profitability. Appearance is something often overlooked by some, but we believe that our farms’ cleanliness reflects on how we do business. Kurt and his sons are always actively looking to grow and improve their operation!

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1 John Deere 1795 ExactEmerge High Speed 16R31 w/ IRDF


John Deere S680
16 Row 716C Corn Head
40FT 740FD Draper
2-John Deere 8230R Tractors with 1100BU Carts


2-2015 389 Peterbilt Semi’s with Wilson Trailers

Soil Sampling

2.5 acre grid sampling

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Precisions Technologies

Crop Health Imagery
VRS Seeding
VRS Fertility